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First Time Home Buyer Classes (Home Stretch)

AFDN offers classes to First Time Home Buyers to provide education on how to manage your credit score, how to shop for property with realtors and how to ensure a bank loan is the right one for you. These classes will answer many questions First Time Home Buyers may have as well as offer referrals to recommended realtors, mortgage bankers and insurance agents in order to have a smooth transaction. Our homebuyer education program is designed to meet the needs of persons with little or no knowledge of the homebuying process and is formatted to equip every client with the information needed to make an informed home buying decision. The First Time Homebuyer certificate is issued at your individual or group workshop-counseling session. The objective of the individual or group workshop-counseling is to identify your personal housing goal and co-develop a plan of action with your housing counselor. The action plan will highlight steps for both you and your counselor to help you fulfill your housing goal.

First Time Home Buyer

AFDN offers classes to First Time Home Buyers to provide

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