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Rapid Re-Housing Program

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Rapid re-housing is a crisis response strategy to address homelessness. Looking at the alternatives – emergency shelter and transitional housing – it is by far a more cost effective and successful strategy. But that doesn’t mean efforts to identify permanent subsidized housing, more affordable units, and address things like livable wages shouldn’t be underway as well.

But when an individual or family is experiencing homelessness, the most important immediate step that a provider can take is to help them stabilize in a home. It doesn’t mean they won’t still be poor, but they will no longer be homeless.

rapid re-housing for homeless families:

Rapid Re-Housing Program helps families move from Hennepin County homeless shelters to affordable housing. Access to the program is through a referral by Hennepin County Screener only. Moves families from shelter to permanent housing, minimizing the trauma of homelessness on parents and children.This takes place at Century Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. this new service model focuses on moving families to permanent housing first, then providing services.

Participating families receive housing relocation, stabilization services and financial assistance. Additional services, including employment assistance, are offered after permanent housing is found.

Referrals to the program must come through Hennepin County's coordinated entry provider.